The whole of Indian subcontinent is blessed with the immense knowledge of spiritualism. Many great thinkers and philosophers born here and enriched this place with their knowledge. But in the whole of this vast land, there are certain places where it is at its and enlightened the whole world through its rich spiritual knowledge. Mithila is among one of them, where many great spiritual behaviours evolved in the course of its history. Many great people born here and blessed this holy land of Mithila with their knowledge, may be that's the reason why Mithila is called the land of knowledge and spirituality (ज्ञान और आध्यात्म की नगरी).

Before proceeding further and knowing about the spiritualism that evolved in Mithila, let us first know what spirituality actually means?

As stated in Bhagvat Gita;

निर्मानमोहा जितसङ्गदोषा

अध्यात्मनित्या विनिवृत्तकामाः।

द्वन्द्वैर्विमुक्ताः सुखदुःखसंज्ञै

र्गच्छन्त्यमूढाः पदमव्ययं तत्।।

Which means, the wise ones who are free from pride and non-discrimination, who have concerned the evil of association, (Hatred and love arising from association with foes and friends) who are ever devoted to spirituality, completely free from desires, free from the dualities called happiness and sorrow, reach that non-decaying State.

Here through this extract from the Bhagvat Gita we can conclude that one who have gained this much excellence, has sensed the true essence of spiritualism.

Spirituality involves the recognition of a feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than myself, something more to being human than sensory experience, and that the greater whole of which we are part is cosmic or divine in nature.

The ancient epics are full of many evidences where, there is some mention of Mithila’s spiritual behaviour and depiction of Mithila as a holy land of great people and knowledge. In the course of learning about the spirituality of Mithila we will get to know about how certain sets of spiritual behaviour evolved in Mithila, the reason of its evolution with some very interesting and logical reason behind their evolution which will give it a life and also make it relevant in modern context.

Due to ever changing lifestyle and in the race of becoming modern, somewhere we our lacking our own values which are highly entrenched in our spiritual behaviour. So, through this section of spirituality we will try to connect you people with some amazing part of it. So that we can view it in a way of gaining knowledge and can extract best out of it, rather than just reading it as some religious beliefs or thought. Through this we will be able to view our old age civilization, how it evolved with the time and how the values that it followed has some very great relevance in our modern life and can help us to cope up with many challenges.