People Of Mithila

The people of Mithilanchal, often referred to as Maithilis , are the Indo-Aryan ethnolinguistics, who commonly speak the Maithili language and are inhabitants of Mithila region (Eastern parts of Bihar and some parts of Nepal)

The affluent ages of Mithila has been dated back from the 'Janak-Vaidehi( Sita; daughter of King Janak and spouse of Lord Ram) Age'

The propitious soil of Mithilanchal have given birth to a number of heroic personalities including the robust rulers, sturdy scholars, prominent poets and efficient executives, who not only contributed in uplifting the true colours of Mithila but also gave it an identity across the globe. Some of them are- Harisimhadev (1304-1324), Raja Kameshwar Singh (1929-1952) , Vidyapati (1342-1458), Kumarilla Bhatta (est 700 AD ) , Madan Mishra and so on.

It is rightly asserted that - " the Maithilis have art and intelligence in their DNA ." From drawing masterpiece Mithila art work in no time to representing Mithilanchal in reality and fiction shows , from thriving in international Olympiads to cracking nation's toughest exam , Maithilis straggle nowhere behind.

A number of Maithili balladries describe the women of Mithilanchal as the most sagacious and flamboyant in the entire world. In fact, it is believed that , no individual can ever defeat a Maithil woman in a face-off debate due to their clever and prompt replies. Similarly there are a number of sayings and beliefs in the Maithili language from time immemorial which highlights the general conception about the masses of Mithila.

Apart from that , the modern age of agile youth , which believes in 'hard and smart work ' by creating opportunities, instead of probing it around have sorted plans about their metaphorical journeys . Meanwhile, the responsibilities of edification and upliftment of the true values and culture of Mithilanchal lies solely on their shoulders.